Why Age of gods is a x10 Gem

Age of Gods is a NFT Action Card game that’s getting popular in the crypto sphere. There are many NFT games out there across many chains. Getting one of value will be a herculean task. So what makes Age of gods spectacular and why is it our x10 Gem?

Age of Gods was built with gamers in mind. You don’t just play games but earn from them. There are many avenues to earn from this unique project.

You can earn by holding the token as the developers has put in features to make it gain more value in time. All revenue earned from the game will be used to buy and burn from the market.

There’s also a staking platform where you can commit your AOG tokens to earn more tokens. The APR is pretty decent with zero fees if you stake for 90 days.

If you love playing games, you can easily compete against other players and earn tokens. Build your team of Gods, experiment with different strategies and fight even when you’re offline.

There are accompanying NFTs for the game. You can level up your Gods and upgrade your NFT to exclusive rare levels.

Age of Gods is owned by Premier Game Studio which is an A List Game studio. Premier Game Studio has worked for brands such as Disney, 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros. The project is supported by Venture Capitals such as Oddiyana Ventures, Juego Studios, Vespertine Capital, Moonwhale and Solrdao.

AOG is currently sitting at $0.28 from its IDO price of $0.10. It reached an ATH of above $2 before retracing back to its current price. A remarkable achievement is the listing of AOG on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko in less than 5 days of public listing.

Project developers are stepping up marketing in the coming weeks and we’ll expect some CEX listings too since the team is made up of Ex Top CEX executives.

AOG current circulating supply is less than 3 million so we expect this to go up to $30,000,000 marketcap which will take to token to above $3 in Price. I strongly believe this because of the project utility and the team’s determination to achieve results.

You can only buy AOG from Pancakeswap but expect further CEX listings in coming weeks.

You can read my full analysis and social media platforms of Age of gods.




Adventurous in nature. I love Crypto and Soccer.

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Achilihu izuchukwu

Achilihu izuchukwu

Adventurous in nature. I love Crypto and Soccer.

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